jack & elizabeth

Elizabeth: So that's it, then? That's the big secret, the grand adventure of the infamous Jack Sparrow? You spent three days lying on a beach drinking rum?
Jack: Welcome to the Caribbean, love.

- Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Jack & Elizabeth

Captain Jack Sparrow is the dashing, charming and sexy pirate played by Johnny Depp and Elizabeth Swann is the beautiful damsel not always in distress played by Keira Knightley in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The two met when Captain Jack Sparrow arrived in Port Royal, aiming to commandeer a ship. He was having an exchange with two military men guarding a dock where the H.M.S. Interceptor was docked. While conversing with them he noticed a young woman fall from the fort into the sea. Since none of the King's men were going to save her, Captain Sparrow took it upon himself to save her life. Retrieving her from the water he noticed she was not breathing. To eliminate this problem, he removed her corset, causing her to spit out the salt water and come to. Immediately Captain Jack noticed the gold medallion around Elizabeth's neck. Before she could respond to his question about where she attained the piece, Governor Swann and Commodore Norrington ran up and arrested Captain Sparrow immediately. Elizabeth pleaded for his release, explaining that he had saved her life. The Governor and Commodore agreed until realizing that he was a pirate. Jack took Elizabeth captive, held her at gun point and escaped from the British Navy.

The two met again when Elizabeth was taken by the evil Captain Barbossa. Will Turner, who she'd known as a child, sought Jack's help to find Elizabeth. Will saved Elizabeth and left Jack to die at the hands of Barbossa's crew. Jack survived and found Elizabeth aboard the Interceptor in a battle with the Black Pearl. Barbossa and the Pearl crew won the battle and took the crew of the Interceptor (Which was "commandeered" by Jack and Will) as prisoners. Barbossa forced Elizabeth to walk to plank and Jack after her. The two were deserted on the same island that Barbossa left Jack on ten years earlier when he took his ship. Jack and Elizabeth roamed the island until Jack discovered a supply of rum. The two spent their evening drinking rum, dancing around a large bonfire and singing. They spoke of what freedom is, toasted it and the Pearl and fell asleep. Upon waking up, Jack discovered a large fire and found Elizabeth blowing up the rum to send smoke signals so someone would find them. They were rescuded by Governor Swann, Commodore Norrington and the crew of the H. M. S. Dauntless. Jack was immediately arrested as Elizabeth begged for them to look for Will. The Commodore only agreed with Elizabeth agreed to marry him. Jack showed them to were the Pearl would be and suggested a plan with which to defeat Barbossa and his crew. Elizabeth told the crew of the Dauntless and her father about the curse that had befallen the Pearl's crew and was locked in a room when they did not believe her. She escaped and went to rescue Will herself. She and Will watched Jack battle Barbossa for the final time. They headed back to the Dauntless when Jack's crew abandoned him.

On return to Port Royal, Elizabeth stood with her father and her fiance as Jack was about to be hanged for his crimes. She asked them not to let this happen but was unable to convince them. Will interceded, saving Jack. They stood against the military men and Elizabeth joined them. Jack escaped, jumping from the fort at the same spot where Elizabeth had fallen.

On their wedding day, before they are married, Will and Elizabeth are arrested by Lord Beckett for aiding and abetting a pirate. Set to be put to death, Beckett tells Will that if he can find Jack Sparrow and get his compass from him and talk him into working for the East India Trading Company, his life and Elizabeth's will be spared. Will sets off on his journey to find Jack while Elizabeth stays in jail. Will finds Jack but the two end up in quite a lot of trouble. Jack agrees to help if Will helps him find a key that will open a chest. The chest will help Jack, who has a debt to pay to Davy Jones. Jack promised his soul to Davy Jones.

Elizabeth is let out of jail by her father and sets out to find Will. She knows that in order to find Will she needs to find Jack. She does find him and at the same time finds James Norrington, who resigned his post and is now a ruined man. She joins Jack in his quest and he tells her that if she helps him find the key and the chest, it will lead her to Will. What he does not tell her is that he's already left Will behind with Davy Jones to settle his debt for him. Elizabeth, having faith in Jack, agrees to it.

As Elizabeth is reunited with Will she learns what Jack did to him and her trust in him is shaken. Once the chest has been opened and they're all aboard the Black Pearl, Davy Jones sends a terrible beast after them - the Kraken. Jack flees from the fight, leaving his crew to fend for themselves. Elizabeth sees him rowing away and believes him to be a coward, but at the last moment he returns. After the Kraken's second attack, before the crew is about to abandon the Pearl before another attack, Elizabeth tells Jack that she always knew he was a good man. She kisses him, which is seen by Will, and backs him into a corner and chains him to the Pearl. She lies and tells the crew that Jack elected to stay behind to give them a chance to get away. Jack gets free, but the Kraken attacks.

Back at Tia Dalma's the crew celebrates Jack's life, while Elizabeth feels very guilty about leaving Jack to die. Tia tells them that if they're all willing, there is a way to bring Jack back to life. Every member of the crew agrees to it and Tia tells them that they'll need a captain familiar with everything. Their new captain is none other than Barbossa.

Will and Elizabeth are distant with each other as they join Barbossa to rescue Jack from World's End. They make it to the Locker and find Jack, reluctant to travel with any of them. He specifically mentions that four of them have tried to kill him at one time or another and that one of them succeeded. Jack realizes that Elizabeth hadn't told Will about leaving Jack on the Pearl.

After Elizabeth is taken by Sao Feng and made captain of his ship, Jack surprises everyone, including himself, by voting for her to be Pirate King. When the two of them and Barbossa meet with Beckett, Jones and Will, Elizabeth exchanges Jack for Will. They battle with Beckett and his navy and when Will is killed, Jack pulls Elizabeth to safety before she drowns as the Dutchmen submerges. Elizabeth later thanks Jack by telling him things would have never worked between them and when she moves closer to kiss him goodbye, he tells her that once was quite enough.

- Morgan

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